Count down the sleeps until your next PJ delivery box

Open every month to reveal a new set of PJs, with a minimum of SIX surprise pamper treats!

If you are like us, you will understand there is no better feeling than putting on a fresh pair of pyjamas, unless that is when you combine it with some pampering – everyone deserves some ‘me time’ right?

Self-care is super important and with PJs Every 30 Days, the GCC’s first and only PJ subscription box, we ensure that you remember to take some ‘me time’ at least once a month, helped by our monthly delivery of comfy pyjamas and a minimum of 6 self-care pamper treats.

Simply choose the subscription that works for you (or a friend if you want to make someone else’s dreams come true) and receive a branded gift box at the end of each month. Each month’s pyjamas have been designed & created by is for ultimate comfort and style to match each season. Each pampering gift is hand-picked to make you go to bed feeling like a queen and waking up ready to take over the world! 

And, if you cant wait to the end of the month – you can also purchase from our buy now section! This section has previous PJ boxes (limited sizes), silk mulberry eye masks & pillow cases and the most comfiest slippers. Catering for all your self care needs! 

What our customers say

Subscribe > Sit back > Self-care

How it works


Step 1


Choose the subscription package that works for you - with no contracts, just whatever works best for you..


Step 2

Sit back

Relax and wait for your box to be delivered to your door at the end of every month


Step 3


Receive your cute box and see what PJs and pamper treats are inside…Take some ‘me time.’

Is this something you have been dreaming of?

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